The Spirit These Times Require.

So, my dear,
you’ve learned to cry.

Not just reactionary tears,
earnest ones born of
your brave heart.

You see the darkness and refuse
to disrespect yourself
into denial.

Welcome to the juxtaposition:
No one asked you
to lay down
your joy.

Claim it again.
Be a warrior, enlightened.

To fight for light,
enter the darkness

Let them hear your laughter.

Flash your smile
like a peace sign
as you pledge to do your part.

In one bucket, carry the problems.
In the other, the spirit with
which to transform them.


3 thoughts on “The Spirit These Times Require.

  1. Oh yes, the tears and the joy, the light and the shadow, the dance and the prayer, the silence and the music.. You’ve captured that so well here, Alice! The chairoscuro (sp? means light and dark–a technique developed by Leonardo Da Vinci) of a lived life! Well done, Alice.

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