About Alice in Authorland

Welcome to Alice in Authorland. I’m glad you landed here!

Thanks for joining me on this journey as I write through life’s passages.

A passage is “the act or process of moving through, under, over, or past something on the way from one place to another.”  (Oxford Dictionaries)

I write about love and loss, women’s issues, relationships. sisterhood, yoga, health, meditation, travel, and making it as a writer.

Tell me what you like, what inspires or irritates you. Let’s have a conversation.

Thrilled to be a writer. Blessed by readers like you.

Authentically,                                                                                                                Alice


5 thoughts on “About Alice in Authorland

  1. I do so enjoy reading your words. You capture the spirit of what I beleive alot of people think or wish they had the guts to express. Okay….maybe it’s just me.
    I find them to be inspiring and quite calming at the same time in a rebellious kind of way…..talk about a mix of emotions your words create. Keep writing….

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  2. “… can look like going in circles.” and “… I climb my spiral staircase.” Yes.
    I have just waltzed into my own “authorland” having just published my first book, “a man wearing a dress.” I’m struggling to find a balance between my frenetic effort at publicity and living the rest of my life as a normal person.

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