Why We’re All Seeking the Same Thing.

“Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” ~ Hebrews 11:1

You might think it would be easier if your wife had died—
Rather than trying to kill something in you by sleeping
With other men, even those you thought friends.

I could be tempted to say, At least she’s alive.
I wish my man was, even if he betrayed me
And tried to break me. At least I could
Hear his voice and look in his eyes.

A teenage girl tells her father,
“This ear infection is so bad
I’d rather have the flu for a year!”

Yeah, right.

Some say divorce is as difficult
As losing a loved one to death.
Having experienced both, I beg to disagree.

But, then I remember that’s just me.
My divorces (yes, two!) weren’t brutal.
No one got betrayed or dragged through court.

But, hey—I bet both those men would say
It was the worst experience of their lives.

What else could it be when the woman you love,
The one you intend to invest all your years with
Chooses to walk away?

Maybe there’s no easy.
Not when it’s yours to bear.

It wasn’t easy for my sister to lose her husband
To cancer after 33 years in a marriage many envied.

I’m still reeling from the loss of my beloved
Who went to sleep and never woke up.

My sister and her husband had history
And prepared to sail into the sunset.

My beloved and I were blessed with sacred love
Finally, in our 50s! Hope coursed through us.

Whatever we must face, it’s ours. That’s what makes it hard.

Heartbreak is our puzzle of life,
The beautiful picture shaken
And scattered on the floor.

Pieces disappear. Emptiness arrives.
Previous pieces don’t fit. Everything is a jumble.
Where did these odd, misshaped ones arrive from?

Life. Life. Life.

It’s a series of pictures coming together and falling apart.

We make new pictures.

Mine is not harder. Yours is not easier.
Yours is not harder. Mine is not easier.

It all a puzzle. We’re all seeking the pieces.



5 thoughts on “Why We’re All Seeking the Same Thing.

  1. As hard as the loss of an actual thing or person can be, I think its the loss of the dream that you had woven with that person or thing that is the hardest thing of all– and in some sense, thus, the definition of dis-illusionment. At least for a time, until a new hope, illusion, dream enters the scene… We cannot live without hope. But experience teaches us to take heed of illusion. “Seek not outside yourself”, A Course in Miracles says, “for you will weep each time an idol falls.”. Because what we are seeking is in fact the deepest truth and love within ourselves, from which there is no separation.


      1. Alice, you nailed this one for me. Thank you O Woman of Insight!

        We make new pictures.
        Mine is not harder. Yours is not easier.
        Yours is not harder. Mine is not easier.
        It all a puzzle. We’re all seeking the pieces.

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    1. Shelagh, you’re so right and write it so well. Yes, we miss the person and we miss what we imagined would grow with their presence. Also, we miss the way we felt about ourselves and who we were with them in our lives. In my case, I was my highest self with Kevin. I’m also a student of The Course in Miracles and it’s my responsibility to return to that deep truth and love, but that doesn’t make it easy!


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