How to Align.

Your hips don’t lie. Get on your mat and release them from their stories. Release them from their chains. Pull them back like arrows. They hold emotions denied. Your hips have carried your cries for so long. Release them.

Your heart chamber awaits with wisdom. Spread your arms like you’re going to fly. Lean your heart forward like breaking the tape and crossing into your authenticity.

Open your body. Quiet your mind. Stretch into the music of your soul.

Ah, my dear, this is alignment.

2 thoughts on “How to Align.

  1. Just wanted to comment on your article with regards to Dr. Amy Acton. Although what she is doing is impressive in explaining the virus in layman’s terms with empathy. You failed to mention the two men she is working beside, Gov Mike Devine and LT Gov Jon Husted. They are doing an excellent job, in leading Ohio thru this crisis, as well.. As Amy indicates, “we’re all in this together.”

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    1. Thanks for chiming in. While of course the Governor and Lt. Governor have been amazing, the topic of my article was Dr. Acton. I agree wholeheartedly they all are doing a fantastic job, as are so many behind the scenes who will not get a mention at all.


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