How to Hold Hope.

Today, I hold Hope.

I hold her like a darling baby.

She’s precious and I must care for her. I’ll feed her and watch her grow. I’ll witness the sparkle in her eyes and welcome my soul to expand in the light of her face.

She’s arrived at a time when the world is smothered with fear. Hope is here after the Fire. She’s here within the mess. Through prayer, Hope has shown up in my life again.

A long time ago, we were friends, but she played with ego and witnessed death in a dark alley. She quieted in the face of fear.

But today, once again, I embrace Hope. I hold her gently. I let her sit with me and lean her head against my chest. I’m consumed by my love for her, especially with all that’s wrong outside the door.

Hope is in my hands. She’s asking me to dance, claiming every song is her favorite. So quickly, she’s taken over my heart and swirling in my mind.

She asks me to explain nothing, only feel. I feel alive.

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