Do You Have a Man or a Boy?



He’s a grown man. You know that to be true, but how do you treat him?

Women don’t want a man who always gives advice or solutions. They don’t want someone who tries to control or manipulate or create an agenda for them. They want to be respected—as women.

I’m not judging. I’m just saying I see plenty of women putting out a vibe that says otherwise. That is, if you believe as you are you shall receive. Every action creates a reaction. Every word has meaning. And intention, even unvoiced, is felt.

When someone tries to control or manipulate me, when they want me to behave a certain way, because they believe their way is the right way, I tend to resist.

So women, I insist you consider yourself when condemning your man. I’m not saying don’t disagree, but he doesn’t need a hall monitor, a permission slip to make decisions, or a daily lecture on communication.

He’s a grown-ass man!

But, he acts like a child! You say. Maybe. Maybe you should ask yourself—do you have a man or do you have a boy? How did you attract that?

If he’s a boy, let him go. If he’s a man, let him be a MAN. Step back. Stand down.

I’m not saying lose your ground, but be his lady, not his mother. Be a woman. Watch your man shine.

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