You Can Learn a Lot from a Dog



If my beautiful Black Lab Phoenix was sent to me as a gift from God, to love, lead, and teach me, what would her messages be?

You’re loved unconditionally. You’re chosen. Have fun! Laugh. Snuggle. Go for walks. I’m here for you. Where you go, I go. I’ll protect you. Let the love in. FEEL it. Admit your fears. Be yourself. Enjoy the seasons—all of them. Have a ball. Get out in nature. I’m so happy when you come home! I’m happy when you pay attention to me. And so are you. Get enough sleep. Listen to your body. Look into people’s eyes. Stretch. Dream! You have the ability to love unconditionally. Don’t try so hard. Lean in for love. You’re beautiful just the way you are. Eat right. Eat what feels right. Smell everything. Drink water. Spend time with those you love. It all works out. There’s always enough. Love comes back. It’s worth the wait. Open your heart. Guard your house; be careful who you let in. Love the one you’re with. There’s nothing to forgive. I understand more than you’ll ever know. Jump for joy. Make some noise. Chase something. Don’t pretend. Play. I’m here. I’m here. I’m here. Sometimes life’s uncomfortable. It’s an honor to care for your loved ones. Tune in to love. I love you. I adore you. You!!! It’s ok to be vulnerable and scared. Like who you like. Be your sweet self. LOVE.


2 thoughts on “You Can Learn a Lot from a Dog

    1. She’s a girl, but yes, so beautiful. She arrived with this incredible soul. I remember the piece you wrote about the dog. I think some are sent to us.


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