Awash in Love


He loved the scar on my lip.

And my tiny little tits.

He loved the way my hair fell on my face.

He petted my eyelashes!

He made his shoulder my pillow.

When I left the bed to let the dog out, he hollered,

“Come back, Icey! Come back!”

He wrote me epic love letters and recently claimed a song of

Van Zants’ as his own. When I put the Fire to the fire over that,

He said it felt like his because that’s how he feels about me.

I look back now at songs I thought he wrote early on because they had “ICE” in them. The songs weren’t originals, but Kevin was.

For me, he was like the original man. I know it’s crazy, but he

Washed away the sins of all the men who came before and

He washed my slate clean. He LOVED me and freed me from

The chains of my past. I cannot explain it. I only know it’s true.

Kevin Lentz blessed me and if you knew him, he blessed you.



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