Crazy Mind and Strong Heart

Crazy Mind doesn’t want to write. She’s busy thinking of how and what to write and the fact that she’s not writing and all the shit that’s getting in the way of her writing. Crazy Mind is online and has ulcers over lost time. Crazy Mind is irritated by children and dogs. Crazy Mind makes lists and tries to master her vulnerabilities and hide her humanity from herself. Crazy Mind is always searching for the answer, the tool, the right way to do the right thing at the right time. But, Crazy Mind isn’t writing.

Strong Heart knows it’s hard.

Strong Heart coaxes, encourages and seduces. Strong Heart relaxes into moments—all of them. She walks in the woods and returns to her own nature. Strong Heart is young, free, wild and wise. Strong Heart knows. Strong Heart trusts. Strong Heart believes in magic and God and doors swinging wide open at just the right time. Strong Heart waits—without worry. Strong Heart takes the long view. Strong Heart has friends and a life off the page—unapologetically. Strong Heart starts—over and over. Strong Heart is quiet and sometimes she’s loud. Strong Heart prays and dances and sings. She laughs at herself and life. Strong Heart is silly and deep and lighthearted. And she writes.

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