No Resistance Required

Do not resist joy.

It comes to you

Like a foreign lover

At an unexpected time.

Just after you determine

Life’s direction.

Joy will spin you around like


You’ll hear the laughter,

Recall hitting the wrong wall.

The music will confuse you.

You must remember:

It’s your party! Your joy!


Wear the blindfold.

Give into the giggles.

Fall into joy like a lake.

Joy comes to you

Like an ex-lover who

Broke your heart so hard

You forgot the beauty of

The beginning and the

Treasure of the lessons.

Joy is your long lost best friend,

Favorite mirror, sweetest flavor.

Or salty. Or spicy! If

That’s how you like it.

How do you like it?

You’ve got to let yourself

Give in. Taste joy. Like it.

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