Divine Connection

What if your current addiction is actually your individual path toward divine connection?

What if everything that looks wrong really is right? What if you gave into every artistic inclination? Not because you CAN dance or draw or cook or play the piano or practice Tai Chi, but because you can’t and it calls you anyhow.

What if money has as much meaning to your soul as monopoly money does to your ego? What if you set your ladder against the corporate wall when you were meant to climb out of the Grand Canyon? What if the thing everybody told you not to do is the one thing YOU should do? What if the recommendation everyone says is an absolute must will absolutely bust your bubble and burn your outlook on life? What if you get to make up YOUR OWN RULES? What if FREE WILL really is FREE WILL?

What if you wake up tomorrow and see EVERYTHING differently? What if you write about what comes to you without edit? What if D-O-G and G-O-D have more in common than three letters? What if they’re the same? And, imagine if YOU ACTUALLY LET GOD WORK THROUGH YOU?

You let GOD work through your hands, actual physical labor with purpose? Through your heart, which is reflected through your eyes every single day to every single soul you meet? What if you have been CHOSEN? No, not like you’re FN Jesus Christ, but like God, this loving being, wanted everything that happened to you to happen exactly as it has? What if everything that has happened is truly part of a GRAND plan? What if you actually own a destiny, not just a plan or even a calling, but what if everything you do matters? What if nothing does?

What if your harshest heartache will one day be the thing you look back on like your high school broken heart—with compassion and understanding rather than overwhelm? What if the people you’re meant to help aren’t over there? What if the one you’re judging is the one you could be influencing? Not for their sake, but for yours.

What if ideas others think silly light you up? What if going the wrong way somehow makes everything right? What if YOU REALLY hear dead people, it’s just that their spirits speak a slightly different language?

What if you like being happy so you keep doing it?

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