Bread and Circuses, Baby!

I see you, Society,

Trying to seduce me

With your subtleties,

Telling me, selling me

How I should yearn

To do it your way,

The one way,

The right way.

Trying to distract me.

From my plan,

Put me on your program.

Say I’m free to choose,

But, there’s a right choice.

Consequences to actions,

Think about tomorrow.

You hold up examples,

Suckers to security.

I take my freedom seriously.

I’ll not march to a beat I can’t feel.

I dance to a tune you can’t hear.

Someday you’ll like saying my name

Under the banner “American Dream,”

Though we’ll both know

That wasn’t what you were selling.

I see you, Society,

Trying to seduce me.

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