Four Ways to Look at Coronavirus.

“Life was more innocent for all of us not so long ago.” ~ Marianne Williamson, The Gift of Change

1. Denial

I don’t want to hear this!

Why do you keep talking about this?

Everything is fine.

This doesn’t affect me.

It’s not that bad.

It’s just like the flu.

Get me a Corona!

2. Hype

This is horrible!

We’re all going to die!

Why is this happening?!

It’s transferred through the eyes so the masks don’t help.

3. Spiritual Bypassing

This is all about bringing people to a higher order. So, if people die, it’s their soul’s contract, just as everything is intended. La-la-la.

4. Maturity: the ability to see beyond black and white and take responsibility

This is a pandemic of proportions we’ve never experienced in our lifetime.

It’s challenging individuals, families, and societal structures.

Like every crisis, good things will be born from it and character will be revealed.

May I do my part, small or large, and be a force for good.

4 thoughts on “Four Ways to Look at Coronavirus.

    1. So good to hear form you, Shelagh! This is the test of our time. I hope you are finding serenity within the crazy.


      1. Thanks Alice. Yes, seeking and sometimes finding serenity-as always, really. But especially now!
        Went to see Mirabai Starr, at the First Community recently (just under the wire before the curtains closed on such events). Do you know her, or her work? I think you would love her. She is a very sweet and tough being. I have her book called Wild Mercy.
        Love and blessings..

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