Dedicated to the Darkness in all Women. And the Light.

“If you look at the turbulent waters of a brook, the frantic gyrations of storm clouds, or the jagged zigzag of a bolt of lightning, nature seems full of chaos. Yet chaos theorists find within the complexities of the natural world a hidden order, unseen patterns that reveal orderliness and symmetry underlying what seems like random confusion.” ~ Tara Bennet-Goleman, Emotional Alchemy

Dear Darkness, Resistance, and Suicidal Tendencies,

You don’t own me. We’re not a team. We’re not a we. You’re a force of duality, nature, humanity, even my fears and insecurities, but not my identity.

Sure, I let you in. Hey, I let handymen into my home, but they’re not so naïve as to believe they live there.

Similarly, you’re visitors. Like plumbers, you help me face some crap.

Don’t try settling in or seducing me into believing we were born to be together. I’m tethered to something greater. I’m one with the Creator. I’m the creatrix (woman).

I create change. It’s a new day, like the old days. Women call up earth energy and bring down the cosmic. Our colors dazzle you, Darkness.

Resistance, you’re mud under the lotus. We are the lotuses.

All of you help us grow into our highest, fullest, most radiant selves.

You challenge but can’t defeat us any more than childhood or adolescence could.

We wrestle with you to perfect our moves. No, we don’t deny you or pretend you lack power.

However, have you witnessed the power of a woman when she screams and pushes life through her? What a glorious mess!

It’s not just babies being born anymore. It’s movements, communities, political careers, and voices unheard for too many years.

I’m with them. I’m a woman, born to create. I give birth to words.

I’m a Scorpio, given to transformation. I’ll walk with you a thousand times, Darkness. I’ll fly into the fire and forge a new reality, eat poison, and rise full in my feminine energy.

I see you guys laughing in the corner as you watch me cry, fight against, and then succumb to surrender.

You think you’re in control. Until the light turns on. Bye-bye, Darkness.

Resistance ignites persistence. Suicidal tendencies, you know we’re NEVER going your way. Your stalking me doesn’t make me inclined to marry you. I’ve made vows with life.

We all have. Women made vows with life. So, we dance in circles under full moons.

We were made for this world, these times, these forces.

We are here. Watch us glow.

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