You’re the Main Character, Darling.

Can you, my darling, hold your center without committing to a tribe?

Can you choose a color without forcing favorites?

Can you stop clarifying, classifying, and organizing long enough to breathe life?

Can you let loose just enough for the magic to linger?

When, when will you stop trying so darn hard to do oh-so-much, as if everything you haven’t done matters immensely and every step forward is the final act?

Isn’t it time you rise into your greatness?

Of course you can’t see it; Greatness unfolds as uniquely and mysteriously as the exact shade of one’s eyes.

When you look in the mirror, recognize yourself.

See your capacity unfolding like a movie in production.

You’re the main character, darling.

We need you.

Of all the people worth emulating, why not choose the one who birthed herself into your baby body, grew into toddler shoes, swung on the elementary school swings, gave ’em hell as a teen, made early adulthood look like landing an aircraft (until she crashed), and all along learned lessons divinely designed for her?

Emulate your own magnificence.

Go at the speed of your soul.

Let the speckling sound of rain signify the washing away of all the sad stories.

Can you, my darling, hold your center and rise?




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