How to Resist without being Resistant.

Go boldly into your resistance.

In the morning, resist the temptation to turn on an electronic box to push your emotional and intellectual buttons—the things that stop you and start you.

Instead, reach for peace, prayer, poetry, and purpose—even before you pee.

Resist unedited thoughts, words, assumptions, beliefs, and reactions.

Resist knowing the answer before hearing the question. Fight the urge to always be right, be on time, and be the smartest person in the room. Even Abe Lincoln and Mark Twain had to learn to temper themselves, to be civil in their discourse.

Resist swallowing news like vitamins. Occasionally, we’ve got to reevaluate the choices, benefits, and costs of what we’re taking in.

Resist the urge to share what you’re unwilling to research. Resist through research.

Resist through writing and speaking. Resist by reading. Read like it’s a habit stronger than alcohol and you’ll never want to quit.

Resist the urge to settle for mediocrity, give up on love, or bury hope.

Resist as if Martin Luther King, John F. Kennedy, and Maya Angelou are wooing you—doing a little woodoo on your heart.

Resist being a coward. Resist anger, violence, and ignorance. Resist giving up and joining the walking zombies of our time.

Resist shirking your responsibilities as a citizen of these United States of America in these times of rampant division.

Resist blaming, finger-pointing, shaming, intellectualizing, and especially straight out, or even covert, lying. Resist false narrative.

Resist nagging—yourself or your loved ones.

Resist not being present. Resist pretending you’re happy when you’re sad, lonely, grief stricken, or even “God forbid,” angry as a woman or vulnerable as a man.

Resist playing as if God, the Universe, angels—or whatever you believe in—aren’t as magnificent as they are. Resist cynicism.

Resist excuses. Resist bullshit. Resist self-righteousness or rigidness. Resist giving up.

Resist stagnation, but be willing to sit with your sh*t.

Resist denial or defensiveness. Resist the trivial and trivializing the real.

Resist indecision and inaction, but also the rat race, especially the rats.

Resist laziness, disorder, and disease. Resist yesterday’s rules which no longer apply.

Resist exaggerating or retreating. Resist anything that insults your soul (not the same as your ego).

Resist being slave to old thoughts, closing your eyes to the current chaos, or stirring it up more.

Do not resist arrest.

Resist voices quieted through coercion, manipulation, intimidation, or fear. Resist hate. Resist fake. Resist flattery or mockery. Resist dictatorship.

Resist, at your own peril, the gravity of what’s happening around you. Resist missing your moment in history.

Resist relinquishing your dreams. Resist the darkness of human hearts—with light.

Resist the desire to dismiss. Resist distraction from the demonstrations taking place on our streets, in our democracy. Resist checking out.

Resist settling for entertainment over fulfillment.

Resist veils over the human heart—yours.

Resist religion that doesn’t sit in you. Resist converting to anyone’s program. Resist conformity or reactionary practices.

Resist forgetting why you came.

Resist relaxing too long or not enough. Resist foods that make you sick, fat, or dead.

Resist driving 120 mph just because it’s on the speedometer.

Resist wrong roads, not the ones judged by your mind, but your soul—because if you’re soul’s not singing, you’re not winning.

Resist staying in too long or always going out. Resist imbalance, but especially drudgery.

Resist quick fixes and fast falsehoods. Resist gossip, but not the good stuff.

Resist procrastination of projects, people, and passions. Resist holding back, playing small, or putting off.

Resist puffing your chest for a crowd or a woman or a man.

Resist children being taken from their parents for punishment rather than protection.

Resist the riot tearing our social and civil fabric. Resist false prophets and profits as the bottom line for everything.

Resist lying to yourself until you no longer do.

Resist restriction and recrimination. Resist judgement and demonizing fellow human beings. Resist meanness and crassness, but laugh loud.

Resist trading your sense of humor for the cries of your heart. (They can coexist.)

Resist retreating.

Resist relying on others to inform you. Resist telling the stories you’ve outgrown.

Resist rules—yours and the ones you make up for others.

Resist relying on your ego. Resist insisting to people who aren’t listening.

Resist relationships which require you to shrink or reacting like a child in an adult body.

Resist letting your soul sleep while your life slips away.

4 thoughts on “How to Resist without being Resistant.

  1. if you’re soul’s not singing, you’re not winning
    Wonderful line, Alice! Along with a great deal of wisdom about what to resist or not. Of course life has a way of showing us what works or not, doesn’t it? Darn it! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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