My Story

The first and only story from another I’ve shared on my site. Because it’s that good.

Ten Thousand Days

081417Sunset“Three more weeks and we will never have to say goodbye again.”  Those words have echoed in my head for over twenty six years now.

Thirty years ago I was a sophomore at the local community college. I kept seeing this cute girl walking to class that had the biggest, most beautiful smile I had ever seen.  I was head over heels, but far too shy to approach her on my own.  I would see her often talking to a girl named Gina, whom I had known since elementary school.  So I cautiously asked Gina about her.  She said “oh that’s Dana, she is such a sweetheart”.  A few days later she gave me her phone number and said that “Dana would love for you to call her”.  I called her that afternoon, we talked for two hours.  We went on a date three days later.

Dana (pronounced Dan-na) was…

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