When Your Sister’s Husband Dies and Your Boyfriend Follows Suit

You had a history.

I—finally—had a happy story.

You built a foundation of family and security.

I searched 50 years to find this man, the one that fit.

You had 33 years and then the warning called cancer.

I had magic moments stacking up—until they stopped sudden, like his heart.

You bonded brick by brick: your boys, 12,000 dinners, 33 Christmases, birthdays, and anniversaries, 1,000 inside jokes, and 72 secret sorrows.

He and I tried the others and took so many wrong turns that landed us right where he called destiny.

You still held hands.

We held hope.


2 thoughts on “When Your Sister’s Husband Dies and Your Boyfriend Follows Suit

  1. Sending peace and strength, imagining you need them, hoping you need them, but hoping you don’t, that you have enough, but just in case a few more don’t hurt. Salieri would be pleased that you did not “use too many notes”. They few you used suffice…amazingly.

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    1. Thank you, Kevin. I hope your life is running smooth. Just know, you were one of the students that taught me as much as I may have taught you. You were a valuable part of my teaching path. Thank you! And, thank you for your kind sentiments and I learn to rise again.


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