Like a Beautiful Tale


I am a peaceful woman warrior. I’ve journeyed through the darkness, heartache and loss. I’ve said goodbye more often than my middle name. I’ve started over about 117 times. I’ve cursed and kissed death. I’ve battled with her. I may not have always won, but I was in the war. That’s how I became a woman warrior.

I’ve gone blind and deaf. I’ve traveled the tunnels. I’ve seen the light. I’ve carried shields and swords. I’m skilled in using both. I’ve climbed cliffs and stepped barefoot across hot burning coals.

I learned to love the Fire! I learned to love. That’s how I became a woman.

I owned my power, my femininity and my force. I marched on until the darkest of nights captured me under bright stars.

In the heat of the battle, I was hit with sickness. It took me down. I was weary and wretched, lost and delirious. I slept and I dreamed.

When I awoke I was called to be a queen—to put an end to the wars. I declared peace in my soul and it spread like a beautiful tale.

I am a peaceful woman warrior and I smile at fear.

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