A Gal Smiling in the Glass in the Morning


When you immerse yourself into a world that’s not your own and try to fit into places you don’t belong (because you so want to belong). When you find yourself defending yourself, your attitudes and ideas to people who portray themselves as friends. When your true self seems a misfit in your daily life, realize the value of relocation, beginning again, a fresh start.

What age would it be appropriate to make life changes? Twenty-eight and you find yourself two decades late? Well, my dear, what would happen if you decided not to give a damn about all the damn consequences you’ve been so worried about?

Outsiders aren’t the deciders of your fate. Who is? You know when you meet the maker of this mess called your life you’ll kick her ass, right?

A better idea might be to take her by the hand and say, Baby, I’m sorry we got lost. What would you like to do now?

Listen to all her fears because that’s what she’ll tell you first. She longs so bad to be heard and nobody’s been listening. LISTEN. Let her cry. Wipe her tears. Help her up. Say, Come on, baby, we can do this.

Pull out your magic wand that glitters with gumption and go for it. Dive into a new world. Swim into your desires. Sing off key and bad.

You don’t have to kick anyone’s ass—certainly not your own.

Just turn away from yesterday. Set a route for tomorrow. Kiss them all goodbye.

Say hello to a gal smiling in the glass in the morning. Let her be you.


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