Fire, Water, Mother Earth, God, Angels, transform me. Rebirth me. Pull me from the ashes. I welcome the metamorphosis. I do not resist. I do not go numb or deaf or die. I awaken. I’m a seedling under the cement—screaming to bloom. I’m parched for water and sunshine. I seek the light with my entire being. Even in the night, I see the stars. I’m enchanted. I feel angels hovering over me, making way for me to break through. Everything is different now: my brain, health, vision, belief, expectation… The sky is lavender tanzanite. Clouds are the purest white. My voice. My tears. My physical presence shifts. I am hearty. I’m here for the party, hangover and all. I’m learning to BE. Remembering to listen. Walls have fallen. Boundaries clarify. My scars expose themselves without apology. My dreams arise, not from my mind. Time is precious. Moment by moment. Intention for pleasure. Acceptance of pain. Connected. Alive. In all the messiness. All that it means. What no longer matters. Beauty to behold. Unafraid. Unattached. Free.

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