Cherish Me


Or take me for granted.

Time sees me sneaking out

Without you noticing.

I carouse the town,

Cause trouble for you,

Make a bad name for me.

I whoop and holler,

Cause a scene. You

See no connection

And call me crazy.


Or, cherish me.

See a new side of a woman.

Enter the doorway to ecstasy.

Let your wings take flight.

Land lucky breaks.

Get engulfed in laughter.

Walk tall, speak clear, earn respect.

While other men make way.


I stay by your side—

Full, free, feminine,

Your lady, your lover,

Your friend.


Cherish me!

I honor you.


Make mad passionate

Intense intimate real

Love to you, with you,

Body and soul.


Settle for less?

Haven’t we observed

And endured enough?


I, as a woman, deserve to be cherished.

You, as a man, deserve to be honored.


I honor you.

Cherish me.






One thought on “Cherish Me

  1. So beautiful, Alice. I love that you know a love like this already exists. And that you are willing to put yourself out there again. XO

    Liked by 1 person

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