maple-leaves-690233_960_720It matters little what I will, wish, pray for, or expect.

People come and go.

Friendships I would’ve sworn on in my twenties

Swept away like leaves in the wind.

People I thought were just passing by

Bonded to me.

Yet, I don’t own. Often, I don’t get a vote.

My predictions land wrong as often as right.

People die. They move. Break up.

Move on unannounced. Friendships

Fade into Facebook. Romance withers.

New seasons smile upon the

Coming and going of new people.

Changing characters, fresh chapters in my life.

Who will stay? Who will surprise, amaze,

Delight, suck the marrow out of life with me?

Who will attempt to dull me down, disregard

My feminine spirit, or dismiss me from a wrong turn?

It remains uncertain, this thing called life.

This I know:

People come and go.

People will come. And people will go.

I am NOT in control. Damn!maple-leaves-690233_960_720

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