Dance, Crazy Pants!

Let the love in, lady, baby, little bit crazy pants.

All the men you loved before were

Mountains you climbed to get a better view.

When you could see further, you rose higher.

Don’t judge yourself for being at those depths.

Or determine that the men you meet up here

Resemble those who broke your heart yesterday.

They served as partners on your path.

And no, you weren’t lost.

You could not have arrived earlier.

The journey, with all its twists, was yours to make.

You set out to take each step that led you here.

Here, on higher ground, standing face-to-face

With a man who slayed a few dragons

And dealt with no-doubt duplicitous females

On his travels and tumbles to get to you.

Here’s a man—scared and brave, showering

You in his love, lady, baby, little bit crazy pants.

This enchanted chapter is yours.

Check out the view! This is where you dance.

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