How to Overcome the Media Madness

The art of spending time in thought is a dying craft. What is one crafting when she delves into contemplation? Sorting, creating, comparing, conjuring, releasing, cultivating a considering mind. To ponder is not a waste of time. I’m not talking about wallowing, but investing actual mind time in clearing and clarifying for oneself before walking and speaking in the world. Let our words not simply mirror opinion of favored media moguls or what a brother-in-law shared on Facebook.

When did we stop thinking for ourselves and begin begging to be spoon-fed “facts” and ideologies without consideration of the rampant rhetoric and rudeness of our society?

We’re living in reaction. Can you feel it? The defensiveness?

The answer is contemplation. Rather than a plateful of bite-sized news and entertainment bits, what if we chose to spend time in deep contemplation over the multifaceted challenges facing our society and what roles we might play in helping?

Personally, I’m overwhelmed by the world—selling, convincing, soothing, seducing, and manipulating me away from my core.

Contemplation brings me home. What do I think? Why might others think their way? How do I feel? How might others feel? What’s behind this? What are we not seeing? What am I afraid to admit? How can I speak my truth without condemning others? How can I not cower and close down when others dismiss me? How can I be at peace when I feel guilty for sitting in contemplation?