Men, you came to me

Eager, focused, enthusiastic,

Needing, wanting, desiring

Me, your only goal.

I jumped into your arms—willingly.

Then, you turned away

Leaving me baffled,

Bewildered, wondering

Why I succumbed

To charms now denied.

You made me realize

My own power.

You can walk on, men.

You can come back,

Calling on me,

Begging for affection.

It’s not rejection, guys

That I’m aiming your way,

But more an understanding

Of what you cannot do,

Of all I am & all I can do.

More than beauty,

More than a body,

A soul, a spirit,

Seduction beyond all

You ever offered.

I am a woman,

Full, present, real.

And, thanks to you,


You came to me, but

I have come into my own.


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