Re: Road Trip Time!

Attn: Carlos the Artist

From: Alice the Author, AKA Gutsy Rose


Won’t you join me in cherishing our childhood memories and remembering how we fell in love as adults in 2012?

Let’s not delve into what could’ve been that wasn’t. Your fault. My blessing.

Because after you let me go, the other guy changed my life and gave me sacred love. And then died.

Now, here we are, leaping on the merry-go-round again.

We’re older and wiser, broken, but oh-so-blessed.

Planning adventure together in the summer after the pandemic.

In 2021, let’s travel in a van, without expectation. Let’s sing and play music like life is a love song.

Let’s sleep under the stars, climb mountains, and swim naked—free of society’s constraining mentalities and the muck we’ve picked up.

Let’s burn our baggage in campfires, and greet strangers like the treasures we’ll find in national parks.

I’ll do reiki and you’ll be crazy.

Organically, we’ll grow, nourish, and tell truths that don’t diminish.

Let’s pretend, once again, we’re standing side-by-side in front of our snare drums in 7th grade, when everything was one big parade.

Let’s play!

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